Our dedicated and skilled workforce has the experience and knowledge to serve a varied and technically discerning customer base.

  Having a wide range of welding and fabrication equipment enables us to meet our customers close tolerance fabrication and machining requirements for all specified materials.

Robot Welding Cell - Robotic welding arm, welds at incredible speeds; aluminum, steel and stainless steel
CNC Band Saw- Computerized band saw cuts all types of steel, aluminum, stainless steel


CNC Pipe Bender - Computerized pipe bender bends all types of pipes and tubing for bikes, swings, ADA rails, etc.
Powder Gun - Coats all types of metal in finely ground color powder like spray painting
Ring & Circle Roller - rolls metal into circles

  Plasma Burning Machine - Computerized to cut all types of metal: copper, steel, aluminum, stainless steel -- in all types of shapes and thickness
Mig & Tig Welding Machine - uses solid rod & gas to join materials

Sheet Metal Shear - Cuts 8' long material
Press Break Machine - Bends sheet and plate metal
Powder Oven - Allows us to powder coated metal in house




Iron Worker - Heavy duty machine used to punch holes, cut angles, cut flat bar and rods
Software: SolidWorks, CAD/CAM & Nesting

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